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What is People Developer?
The People Developer Standard is Singapore’s quality standard on human resource development. It is a 3-year certification scheme that gives recognition to organisations that bring out the best in people for better business results.

Launched in December 1997, the People Developer Standard has already offered more than 400 organisations a systematic process to:

1. Review Human Resource Development Practices
2. Adopt a Structured Approach to Staff Development
3. Improve Training Effectiveness
4. Achieve Better Business Results

People Developer certified organisations gain the following benefits for both the organisation, as well as, for the individual staff:

National Recognition as a Dynamic Organisation
• Better Business Performance
• More Motivated Workforce
• Enhanced Image in the Labour Market
• Reduce Training Wastage

Training Strategies’ Role in People Development
Training Strategies is experienced in people development and has guided companies to develop the following 8 People Developer systems linked to the achievement of business objectives:

1. Learning Needs Analysis
2. Career Development
3. Resource Allocation
4. Communication
5. Induction
6. Monitoring
7. Evaluation
8. Improvement

There are 56 criteria in these 8 systems. In order to achieve the prestigious People Developer Standard, organisations need to score at least 400 out of 1,000 points in all these criteria.

People Excellence Journey
Upon achievement of the People Developer Standard, organisations can progress and vie for the highest accolade in people development – the People Excellence Award. Organisations must score at least 700 out of 1,000 points, obtain a good 3-year business track record and adopt an innovative people development approach that serves as a business model for others to emulate in order to achieve the People Excellence Award.