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Some Of The Most Profitable Companies Have Changed … For The Better
It is no longer mission impossible to achieve increased returns to labour and capital, and customer satisfaction while enhancing your company's long-term competitiveness…some hotels have achieved just that! Do you know that in these hotels, chambermaids no longer work alone, and housekeeping staff no longer have to go through layers of reporting before taking action to rectify faults? Now, they have self-directed teams which have more autonomy and can respond immediately to faults, resulting in more effective deployment of staff and faster response to customers. This is just one example of Work Redesign (WR). Some of the most profitable companies in Singapore, including IBM, have implemented WR. WR 21 is a key national initiative under the Productivity Action Plan 21 by PSB. It refers to the changing of the content and arrangement of specific jobs for improving productivity and quality of work experiences. It usually involves automation, computerisation, insourcing and outsourcing for managing the less value-added tasks.

A New Era & A New Economy … Are You Ready For These Changes … And Benefits?
The new era of knowledge economy poses many new challenges and opportunities which are different from the past - more demanding customers who expect better service and quality for lower prices, new technologies which improve efficiency, changing aspirations of workers which makes it difficult to recruit and retain valuable staff, and many more. As a result, WR is crucial as it redesigns traditional work processes, reskills workers, and realigns reward systems to enable your company to fully exploit new technologies, seize new opportunities and meet new challenges. Are you ready for new, unconventional work processes? If your answer is yes, then you are ready to reap the many benefits that will result from effective implementation of WR, which includes:

Faster and better response to customer and market demands
Greater returns to technology by aligning staff to new technologies
Creation of a new culture which transforms the firm and its staff to quickly exploit new knowledge and skills for competitive advantage
Greater returns to labour with more effective staff deployment
Improved staff performance
Support from Skills Development Fund

The Key To Changing For The Better - Total Approach To Work Redesign
However, studies by PSB have shown that many companies have been unable to reap the full benefits of WR due to lack of a total approach. This has often resulted in unproductive and demoralised staff without enhancing the long-term competitiveness of the firm. TRAINING STRATEGIES recognised that the key to reaping the full benefits of WR lies not only in identifying the need and area for WR, but more importantly, in effectively implementing WR and performance monitoring. As a result, our team of industry experts and experienced consultants has adopted a total approach to WR, with special emphasis on the following areas:

Comprehensive WR needs analysis for your company
Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to monitor the effectiveness of WR after implementation
Advisory assistance to ensure actual and effective implementation of WR, including stationing our consultants on-site to provide advice and help in relationship-building with the affected staff

Are You Ready For The Challenge?