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* Empowers front-line staff to take responsibility for customer satisfaction
Promotes teamwork
* Improves service quality
* Improves customer satisfaction


TIGER - Training In Guest Employee Relations
“Every employee who serves your guests represents your facility to the world."

TIGER is taught to more than 100,000 people in 30 countries. It empowers front-line staff to take responsibility for customer satisfaction and delight. TIGER not only promotes teamwork, but also improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

TIGER uses innovative and experiential techniques to help your staff develop a customer orientation and an understanding of service excellence. In addition, it teaches interpersonal and problem-solving skills necessary for professional, efficient and gracious customer service.

Course Outline
 1 ----- Introduction
 2 ----- Service Excellence
 3 ----- The Professional Service Provider
 4 ----- Understanding Customer’s Needs
 5 ----- Teamwork
 6 ----- Your Customer
 7 ----- Product Knowledge
 8 ----- Communication Skills
 9 ----- Dealing with Emotions
10 ----- Service Challenges

A 2-day in-house course, taught in groups of 16.

Target Audience
This course is for all front-line employees.

Lecture, discussion, role-play, group work and experiential activity.

TIGER - Training In Guest Employee Relations
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