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Proper training in service recovery is crucial in the competitive service and hospitality industries today. It enables your staff to recognise complaints and accidents as opportunities to impress the client rather than unpleasant incidents. Unpleasant situations can be turned into opportunities to retain existing customers and even attract new ones.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:
· Recognise complaints and accidents as opportunities to impress and improve

Explain the types of complaints

· Apply the steps in handling service recovery
· Explain what is “public liabilities” and “duty of care”
· Apply the appropriate action when there is an accident

Workshop Outline
 1 ----- Complaints
  · Why people complain?
  · Types of complaints
  · Steps in service recovery
  · Dealing with emotions especially with anger, fear and embarrassment
  · How to impress and improve
2 ----- Accidents
  · Do’s and don’ts when an accident happens
  · What is “public liabilities” and “duty of care”?
  · Choice of words and body language to avoid liabilities

We will examine 12 common hotel complaints and accidents and discuss the appropriate action(s) to be taken. We will look at these scenarios from both the legal and service point of view.

A 2-day workshop, taught in groups of 16.

Target Audience
This workshop is for frontline staff including Security personnel.

Group discussion, scenario handling, lecture and role-play with video playback.