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The Perfect Service Simulation is a one day case study for up to 24 participants which dramatically illustrates the key components of service in the new millennium:

1. Knowing the Customer
2. Perfect Internal Communication and Cooperation
3. Perfect Service Delivery Systems

Participants in the simulation are customers, management and staff of two aggressively competing companies in a fast paced industry. A typical business day is condensed to a 20-minute round. At the end of the round, the companies are evaluated with respect to customer satisfaction, sales volume and profit.

There are two more rounds. After each round the companies adjust to market conditions and improve their service and profitability. In the final round, the companies change the service delivery systems to maximize performance in the market.

The simulation is complimented with high-energy lectures and discussions which help the participants apply the lessons of the simulation to their own business conditions.

The lectures focus on:
 1 ----- The Cycle of Perfect Service
 2 ----- Every Customer is Different Every Day
 3 ----- Knowing Internal and External Customers
 4 ----- Being Able to Respond to Ever-changing Needs
 5 ----- Evaluating Customer Satisfaction and other Performance Indicators
 6 ----- Communication
 7 ----- Co-operation and Teamwork
 8 ----- Service Delivery Systems
 9 ----- Continuous Improvement of Services

Perfect Service Simulation
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