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* We limit the group size to 8 in order to better address your issues.
We demonstrate the best training techniques.
* We allow you to practise these techniques throughout the workshop with video feedback.


"Training employees is one of the most important roles for managers and supervisors.
Yet too many capable managers and supervisors lack the ability to train."

Training For Results is taught in more than 30 countries. It empowers managers and supervisors with the skills and confidence to conduct effective training programmes on a regular basis. Participants learn how training can improve employees' motivation, self-confidence and loyalty.

Training For Results helps managers and supervisors to develop their training skills. Beginning with a basic introduction on how adults learn, it teaches participants how to design training programmes as well as the use of specific training methods. Participants conduct training sessions that are video-taped and subsequently critiqued by other participants in the group.

Course Outline
 1 ----- How to Communicate Concepts to Inspire Action
 2 ----- How to Set Customer-based Standards
 3 ----- How to Prepare for Effective Training
 4 ----- How to Set and Meet Training Objectives
 5 ----- How to Coach and Train Effectively
 6 ----- How to Conduct a 10-minute Skills & Knowledge Training
 7 ----- How to Use Feedback to Motivate
 8 ----- How to Use Visual Aids Effectively
 9 ----- How to Evaluate and Measure the Results of Training

A 3-day in-house course, taught in groups of 8.

Target Audience
This course is for managers and supervisors.

Lecture, discussion, exercise, experiential learning, role-play with video playback, self and group assessment.

Training For Results
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