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Is the quality of your people compromised because of too little resources for training? Or is it because there is no internal resources available for training? Training is especially critical in today's competitive service industry. The quality of your people, especially those responsible for service delivery, is the critical factor in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. If you face these problems, meet our team of industry experts and experienced consultants.

We Have The Solution To Your Problem!
You no longer have to compromise on the quality of your people because of too little resources to conduct the proper training. Outsourcing your training to our team of experienced trainers may just be the solution you are looking for!

What Is Outsourcing And What Are The Benefits?
Outsourcing occurs when an organisation transfers the ownership of a business process (e.g. training, human resources etc) to a supplier. Some of the benefits of outsourcing include solving the problem of insufficient resources, freeing valuable resources for other purposes. You will also enjoy having experienced professionals to manage the process, reducing and controlling operating costs while focusing your company on its core business. By outsourcing your training needs to us, your company will be able to reap the many benefits provided by us, including: ü

Conducting a training needs analysis specifically tailored to your company
Developing a total company training plan aligned to your organisation’s business plan
Maximising your training budget
Quality training provided by experienced and professional trainers
Advice on SDF’s schemes and how to obtain it
Latest, up-to-date training courses provided throughout the year

Our Training And Outsourcing Services
We offer a wide range of outsourcing services, including training services and others such as Mystery Shopping (Service Audit).