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We help the participant to form a clear understanding of the role of the supervisor in the new millennium. Participants will:
* master key skills required to manage others effectively
increase their self confidence in managing today's work force
* increase their ability to deal with staff performance problems
* communicate more effectively


BOSS - Basics Of Supervisory Skills
"Helping others to become good workers is a lot harder than being a good worker yourself."

BOSS is taught in more than 30 countries. It equips managers and supervisors, both new and experienced, with the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders. It builds their confidence, reduce unproductive behaviours, and empowers them to manage their staff effectively.

BOSS trains managers and supervisors to understand and master skills in motivation, communication, time management, leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

Course Outline
 1 ----- Introduction
 2 ----- Role of the Supervisor
 3 ----- Leadership Style
 4 ----- Motivation
 5 ----- Communication I: Effective Listening
 6 ----- Communication II: Sending Messages
 7 ----- Communication III: Providing Feedback
 8 ----- Emotions and Empathy
 9 ----- Teamwork
10 ----- Problem Solving

A 2-day in-house course, taught in groups of 16.

Target Audience
This programme is for managers and supervisors, both new and experienced.

Lecture, discussion, role-play, case study and group work.

BOSS - Basics Of Supervisory Skills
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